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10 motivated entrepreneurs


Start that company you're dreaming of...




How Much

$500 for the academy (only $83 per session)

Do you have an idea for a business or cause?


Are you feeling stuck and not sure what to do next? Perhaps you're not clear on exactly what you want to do; you just know you're ready to start your own business. You are not alone.


As a startup veteran, business coach and adjunct professor, I have worked with and helped motivated people, like you, bring their ideas to life.


Join Higher Calling Ventures for Launch Academy and give birth to your entrepreneurial desire. Stop dreaming and start living. Invest in launching your business, now. Move your concept, idea or entrepreneurial urge to action.


Join like-minded entrepreneurs on an eight-week immersive journey that takes your concept or side hustle the next level, and fast. 

How does it work?

Through experiential learning workshops, you will identify and validate your value proposition and launch your concept.



Why create a company that doesn’t give you fulfillment? We start with the most important part - you and your happiness.

Customer Discovery

You will learn and put into practice the art of uncovering what your target customers actually want and how they express it.



Storytelling is story-selling, and you will create a succinct and compelling pitch for customers and/or investors.

MVP Development

Armed with intimate knowledge of how your customer thinks and feels about your offering, you will develop a very rough minimal viable product (MVP). This is not your final product, but a way to further gauge customer interest.

Community Collaboration & Accountability

Entrepreneurial Mindset Development

Just as important as your mindset, is the support system. Be accountable to your start-up community and hold them accountable

You will market your offer to your target customer and launch your business.

Offering Validation

Learn and develop entrepreneurial habits that are key to successfully starting a company.

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class limited to first 10 qualified entrepreneurs 

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